Market Dashboard

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What is it?

A spot rate management dashboard that shows the current spot rate with high and low values in a lane along with a historic chart view and multiple other market analytic data points such as origin and destination capacity conditions

Who is interested? 

Anyone who is involved in truck transportation. Brokers, Carrier Pricing, Carrier Sales, Load Planners, Transportation Managers

What does it tell me?

Inside the dashboard, users have the ability to:

  1. See the current van or reefer TRAC spot rate and a statistical price range
  2. See the confidence scores of the rates based on geographic and temporal difference from the specified lane.  Basically, how closely related is the average TRAC spot rate to the user specified lane. 1 indicates the lowest confidence level while 5 indicates the highest. 
  3. View capacity changes based on tender data and see the current radar in a map
  4. See a chart of historical rates
  5. Quickly calculate a margin either as a flat or percentage markup
  6. Store favorite lanes for quick access
  7. View lane insights such as:
    1. Lane Score – a value from 1-100 that indicates how tight or loose capacity conditions are in a lane. Higher values indicate tighter capacity.  
    2. Origin and destination market daily capacity changes
    3. Outbound Tender Rejection Index for the lane
    4. Prescriptive action on how to use the above information in terms of pricing.