Welcome to SONAR! Follow the steps below to find and learn everything you need to know about SONAR.

STEP 1 | On-Demand Webinars

Our weekly webinars are now on demand! Webinars are hosted by market experts, and are designed to walk you through various features and functions of SONAR. Get started, learn how to navigate the platform, and customize SONAR for your business with SONAR 101.

STEP 2 | Most Popular Trucking Indices

Next, check out a quick breakdown of the most popular trucking indexes to better understand the data.

STEP 3 | SONAR Navigation

Now that you understand SONAR and its value, get logged in and start using the Apps, Global Pages, My Pages and other information available to you. Everything you need to know about navigation can be found in the SONAR Navigation Page.

STEP 4 | Pre-Built SONAR Pages

How do you upgrade your daily decision making? Take a look at some of the most used SONAR pages below and simply copy them into your “My Pages” section by clicking the link below! More pre-built SONAR pages are available in SONAR Exchange. Questions about custom pages? Email us at cs@freightwaves.com.

US Summary Page | This page provides year over year volumes on national level, year over year rejections on national level, U.S. volume overlay with rejections, OTRI vs Truckstop.com rates and correlation, length of haul rejections on national level and more.


Daily Dashboard Page  | Be proactive instead of reactive by catching the highs and lows of the market. You can find the predictive rates under the 3D maps by clicking the gear in the top left OR in the APPS section.


Van and Reefer Volumes and Rejections Page | Quickly see the spikes in volumes, broken down by carrier type and market. View daily, weekly and monthly changes. In the dashboard, you see the top left is the largest moving freight market, and the bottom right is the smallest. You’ll see the percent change stacked on top of the most recent value, giving you a clearer picture of the market.


HAUL and WRI Page | Weighted Rejected Index - OTRIW (Outbound Tender Reject Index - weekly change) and multiplied it with OTMS (Outbound Tender Market Share)  OTRIW x OTMS. Notice in the Weighted Rejection Index blue markets signify shifts in OTRI (outbound rejections) within the last week with decent market share.


STEP 5 | Additional Resources

Want a few additional resources? We’ve got you covered! Check out SONAR for a few minutes per day to understand real time market conditions and react accordingly!

Knowledge Center | The Knowledge Center houses everything you need to navigate the #1 source for freight market data. Stay up to date with the most recent release notes, watch how-to videos, browse FAQs, and connect with SONAR super users to learn the product inside and out.

Use Cases | To help you make the most out of SONAR, FreightWaves’ Market Experts have compiled thorough Use Case examples, designed to walk you through the indices, features and data sets that we turn to day in and day out.

Instructional Videos | For a visual walk through, visit our video library to find exactly what you’re looking for. Here you’ll find the newest features and functions with easy to follow instructions.

Data Breakdown | Deep dive into our data sets! In Understanding The Data you’ll find a breakdown of information by category, and in the Index Qualifiers  you’ll see the granularities of each data set. Head to the Index Reference Guide to view the frequency of updates and the tickers associated.

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