Lane Score Through MarcoPoint (Descartes)

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What is it?

A score derived from electronic tender data that measures how easy a lane is to cover based on directional balance. Low Lane Scores are connected to higher prices, while high score lanes tend to be easier to cover with prices lower than the market average. 

Who is interested? 

Transportation Managers, Brokers,  Pricing Analysts, Shipper Procurement, Carrier Sales Teams

What does it tell me?

The primary use case for a Lane Score is to identify the lanes that need the most attention based on the user’s needs.    

From a brokerage perspective, low scoring lanes should be a higher priority for finding coverage and could be targeted for having deeper carrier bases or justify higher prices to guarantee compliance for contracted accounts. 

Lane scores help users identify which lanes carriers will be more willing to negotiate on and provide insight into where you have more (high scores)  or less (low scores) leverage.