ULSD rack price (ULSDR)

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What is it?

The average daily wholesale rack price for ultra low sulfur diesel, calculated daily in $/gallon. This data is also available on the regional level set by airport code.

Who is interested?

The entire trucking sector would have interest in the trends in this market, with individual markets of interest to those who would be buying fuel in those regions.

What does it tell me?

The wholesale price of diesel fuel at the distribution point that is known in the industry as the “rack.” Truckers do not buy from there but retail outlets do. Moves in the rack price ultimately will show up at the retail level though not on an immediate 1:1 basis. Retail markets have their own competitive dynamics that make such perfectly correlated price moves impossible.

The rate of change in the wholesale rack price is available over a weekly (ULSDRW), two-week (ULSDRF) or monthly (ULSDRM) period.

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