Project44 Ocean Container Rollover Index (P44ORI)


The Project44 Ocean Container Rollover Index (SONAR: P44ORI) measures the weekly proportion of cargo departing a port on a different vessel than originally scheduled. It’s expressed as a percentage, at the port and carrier levels, and indicates how many containers are being ‘rolled’ to subsequent sailings.

The data is generated at the port of discharge by calculating the number of containers arriving on vessels other than the one originally scheduled. For example, the SONAR ticker P44ORI.HKHKG displays how many containers missed their originally scheduled vessel departing Hong Kong.


Anyone dealing with ocean cargo, or who wants to see how international ocean freight flows affect freight market dynamics at major U.S. port markets: freight forwarders, carriers, shippers, brokers and drayage providers.


The Project44 Ocean Container Rollover Index is an excellent weekly indicator of fluidity and congestion in ocean freight networks, the relative balance between volume and capacity, and ocean carriers’ service performance. Imported goods originate overseas and then disseminate into freight networks across the U.S. Measuring service degradation and capacity bottlenecks in real-time gives shippers and transportation providers more options in moving their goods.

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