Ocean Shipments Report


The Ocean Shipments Report, also known as OSR, displays ocean container and shipment volumes 7 days in the future. The container volume is measured in TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units), and shipment volumes represent bills of lading. The index represents the daily volume of twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) volumes being booked with ocean container lines for a specific country of origin, or a specific port within a country of origin. The index is calculated on a 10-day moving average, and is indexed to January 1st, 2019 using a baseline of 100 for each specific lane combination.


Freight forwarders, NVOCCs, ocean carriers, port authorities, terminals, rail/intermodal companies, financial institutions, brokers, truckload carriers, warehousing companies, and anyone else interested in ocean volumes.


The Ocean Shipments Report enables users to view ocean container volumes 7 days in the future on both containerized U.S. imports and exports, as well as YoY change. The OSR is one of the best leading indicators ever brought to market. 

International container volume that lands at a port turns into freight and cargo stored in U.S. warehouses and is then shipped across the country via truck and/or intermodal rail. Using the OSR data, you can capitalize on this information to find capacity,reduce freight costs, increase operating ratios, and provide better customer service.

  • Ocean Shipments Index = Bills of Lading
  • Ocean TEU Volume = Booked TEUs (20ft containers)


How to use Ocean Shipments. 

  1. Select Ocean Shipments in the left side, app section of SONAR

  1. There are several different filter options:
    1. Trade Country
    2. US Port
    3. Export
    4. Import

To filter by all countries, you must first select a port, and to filter by all ports, you must first select a country. 

  1. Once you have made your selection, each section will update accordingly

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