Drewry World Container Index (WCI)


The Drewry World Container Index is a composite of 40-foot ocean container freight rates on 8 major routes to/from the US, Europe and Asia as assessed by Drewry Maritime Research. This is primarily used as a benchmark for 40-foot ocean container spot rates across the various trade lanes that it represents.

Trade Lanes Covered

  • WCI.SHALAX – Shanghai to Los Angeles
  • WCI.SHANYC – Shanghai to New York
  • WCI. RTMNYC – Rotterdam to New York
  • WCI.NYCRTM – New York to Rotterdam
  • WCI.SHARTM – Shanghai to Rotterdam
  • WCI.SHAGOA – Shanghai to Genoa
  • WCI.GLOBCOMP – Global composite of all trade lanes


Anyone interested in whether global trade is increasing or decreasing over a given period of time. This would include (but not limited to) shippers, freight brokers, trucking company executives, market analysts, hedge fund managers, ocean carriers, port authorities, etc.


The Drewry World Container Index tells you what the average port to port $USD rate is for a 40-foot container across 8 major trade lanes in the world. It can be used to analyze demand in the ocean container industry or used as a benchmark so that users can analyze the spot rate pricing they are receiving from their providers with the rates that Drewry analyzes. Their rates are analyzed from a large sample size of hundreds of NVOCCs, ocean carriers, and freight forwarders around the world.

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