Hannah BlalockMarket Volume Insights

What is it ? examined volumes for Van(TSTOPVV), Reefer(TSSTOPRV), and Flatbed(TSTOPFV) loads across the top 103 lanes in 2019. For each mode, the average weekly volume was set to an index value of 100. Any value below 100 would indicate that volume for that week was below the average for the same equipment type. Note that comparisons are only meaningful against the same equipment type. Comparisons across equipment types are not on equal scales. For example, a TSTOPVV of 90 means there were nearly 20% fewer Van moves than a TSTOPVV of 110. However a TSTOPFV of 110 would not mean 20% more flatbeds moved than vans at a TSTOPVV of 90.  

Who is interested?

Shippers, Carriers and Brokers who move dry van, refrigerated, and flatbed freight.

What Does it Tell me?

The average volume for the prior week, along 103 most trafficked lanes.

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