ACT Research Truck and Trailer Orders (ORDERS)

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What is it?

The truck and trailer order data are monthly series on the number of heavy trucks and trailer orders in the U.S. economy. The data sets are not seasonally adjusted and are expressed in the number of units for the month. The following granularities are available in SONAR

ORDERS.CL5 – Class 5 Trucks

ORDERS.CL67 – Class 6 & 7 Trucks

ORDERS.CL8 – Class 8 Trucks

ORDERS.FLAT – Flatbed trailers

ORDERS.RFR – Reefer trailers

ORDERS.Van – Dry Van trailers

Who is interested?

Carriers, analysts or anyone interested in the health of the trucking industry.

What does it tell me?

Truck and trailer orders are a measure of trucking industry health and carrier sentiment, as carriers typically invest in new trucks and trailers when demand and optimism are high. Equipment orders typically tie closely with spot rates in the trucking industry.