Railroad Commodity Carloads Deltas


A set of 115 indices which measure the temporal changes of the 23 railroad commodity carloads indices. These are the weekly (W), bi-weekly (F), monthly (M), quarterly (Q), and yearly (Y) percent changes, which will be appended to an existing indice as such: RTOCOW.USA; Coal Carloads – Weekly Change.

The indices are:

  • RTOGR W/F/M/Q/Y – Grain Carloads
  • RTOFP W/F/M/Q/Y- Farm Product excl. Grain Carloads
  • RTOMO W/F/M/Q/Y – Metallic Ores Carloads
  • RTOCO W/F/M/Q/Y – Coal Carloads
  • RTOCS W/F/M/Q/Y – Crushed Stone, Sand and Gravel Carloads
  • RTONM W/F/M/Q/Y – Non Metallic Minerals Carloads
  • RTOGM W/F/M/Q/Y – Grain Mill Products Carloads
  • RTOFD W/F/M/Q/Y – Food Products Carloads
  • RTOPF W/F/M/Q/Y – Primary Forest Products Carloads
  • RTOLW W/F/M/Q/Y – Lumber and Wood Carloads
  • RTOPU W/F/M/Q/Y – Pulp and Paper Carloads
  • RTOCH W/F/M/Q/Y – Chemical Carloads
  • RTOPP W/F/M/Q/Y – Petroleum Products Carloads
  • RTOSG W/F/M/Q/Y – Stone, Clay, and Glass Products Carloads
  • RTOCK W/F/M/Q/Y – Coke Carloads
  • RTOPM W/F/M/Q/Y – Primary Metal Products Carloads
  • RTOMV W/F/M/Q/Y – Motor Vehicles and Parts Carloads
  • RTOIS W/F/M/Q/Y – Iron Steel and Scrap Carloads
  • RTOWS W/F/M/Q/Y – Waste and Scrap Carloads
  • RTOAE W/F/M/Q/Y – Other Carloads
  • RTOIC W/F/M/Q/Y – Total Intermodal Containers
  • RTOIT W/F/M/Q/Y – Total Intermodal Trailers
  • RTOTC W/F/M/Q/Y – Total Carloads

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Rail Freight Carriers and Analysts


The temporal changes (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly) of the various commodities carloads tickers tell you the change of volume between each of the time periods. The volume changes can be seen in Class I (.CLASSI) and Class II (.CLASSII) railroads, as well as Canadian (.CAN), Mexican (.MEX) and the United States (.USA) railroads.

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