Producer Price Index/Year-Over-Year Change (PPI/PPIG)

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What is it?

The Producer Price Indexes (PPI) are weighted monthly indexes of prices at the wholesale or producer level. The PPIs The year-over-year change in PPI is the percent change in the PPI index versus the same month last year. i.e. the PPI in June last year was 125 and this year it is 132. The PPIG would be (132-125)/125 = 5.6% for June this year.

Who is interested?

Analysts, High level executives, owner operators

What does it tell me?

The Producer Price Indexes help you understand how much the price of production for non finished goods is increasing or decreasing. Domestic producers paying more will lead to higher consumer or retail prices of finished goods and ultimately inflation. Low inflation is good for the economy whereas too much inflation means overheating and higher interest rates.

Example: A user wants to know the producer price index year over year change in truckload pricing. They would enter PPIG.LDTL.

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