New One Family Houses Sold (SFAMS)

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What is it?

The number of new single-family houses sold. A house is considered sold when either a sales contract has been signed or a deposit accepted. Included in these estimates are houses for which a sales contract is signed or deposit accepted before construction has actually started. The estimates include houses sold while under any stage of construction, even those sold before the building permit has been issued. number is seasonally adjusted.

Who is interested?

Analysts, Industry Professionals, Contractors, CFO’s

What does it tell me?

It tells you home many homes in the U.S. were contractually sold during a given month.

In themes, you can change a great deal about the look of your charts (including the color of primary lines). If they’re talking about comparisons.. you have to choose color before you hit enter. If you already added the comparison, you have to delete it, recreate it

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