Van/Reefer/Intermodal/LTL Contract Rate Per Mile Final (VCRPMF/RCRPMF/LTL)

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Trucking Supply/Demand What is it?  The average base rate (no fuel or accessorial charges) of mostly contracted freight volumes reported on a 14-day (Initial, 1) and varying period lags (Final, F) on a national level. They are segmented into van, reefer, intermodal, and Less-than-Truckload (LTL) modes. Van, reefer, and intermodal rates are expressed in a rate per mile, while LTL … Read More

Weighted Rejection Index

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What is it? The Weighted Rejection Index (WRI) is the product of Outbound Tender Market Share (OTMS) and Outbound Tender Rejection Index Weekly Change (OTRIW) for an individual market. The formula is:  OTMS x OTRIW = WRI For example Atlanta’s Outbound Tender Market Share value is 4% and outbound rejections increased from 3% to 5% over the past seven days. … Read More

FreightWaves Pricing Power Index (FWPPI.USA)

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What is it? A weekly analysis produced by the Freight Intel Group using data and analytics in SONAR and other sources to estimate the current pricing power dynamics between shippers and carriers. Who is interested? Shippers, Carriers, Brokers, Pricing Analysts, and Economists What does it tell me? Gives a high-level view of who holds the power in negotiating spot market … Read More

Tender Lead Time (TLT)

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What is it? The Tender Lead Time (OTLT/ITLT) is a daily index that measures the length of time in days between the load being offered and the requested pickup date. i.e. Shipper A sends load request on June 8th with a pickup date of June 10th has a 2-day OTLT. Who is interested? Anyone that has an interest in freight … Read More

Tender Rejection (TRI)

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Overview What is it? Tender Reject Indices are measurements of carriers’ willingness to accept the loads that are tendered to them by shippers under contract terms. It is expressed as a percentage of loads rejected to total loads tendered. TRI is organized in terms of outbound, inbound, trailer type and length of haul. i.e. a carrier rejecting 2 of the … Read More

USDA Produce Truckload Spot Rates (AGRATE)

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What is it? A weekly average total truckload price (all inclusive) based on a USDA survey of produce shippers in the main agricultural regions throughout the U.S. organized in origin-destination market or lane level granularity. The USDA will pause surveys in periods of low activity or once a harvest season ends. Who is interested? Brokers, shippers, and carriers who haul … Read More