Weekly Jobless Claims

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What is it?

Claims for unemployment are used as a barometer for the pace of layoffs in the general economy. The weekly results for the applications can be volatile, so the four-week moving average is used to detect underlying trends. Some investors use Jobless Claims to build out their outlook for economic performance and conditions.

IJC: Weekly Initial Jobless Claims

IJCG: YoY Change for Weekly Initial Jobless Claims

CCSA: Weekly Continued Claims (Insured Unemployment)

CCSAG: YoY Change for Weekly Continued Claims (Insured Unemployment)

Who is interested?

Economists, employers, prospective employees, investors, policymakers

What does it tell me?

It tells you the amount of people filing for unemployment benefits. It is a telling sign of where unemployment rates are heading if there is a sustained rise in jobless claims. Increasing numbers are typically bad news for the economy.

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