USDA Produce Truckload Spot Rates (AGRATE)

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What is it?

A weekly average total truckload price (all inclusive) based on a USDA survey of produce shippers in the main agricultural regions throughout the U.S. organized in origin-destination market or lane level granularity. The USDA will pause surveys in periods of low activity or once a harvest season ends.

Who is interested?

Brokers, shippers, and carriers who haul produce or are affected by surging produce volumes reducing capacity.

What does it tell me?

Following patterns of spot rate movement will give an indication of supply and demand for carriers that move produce. Increasing rates tend to imply there is an increasing demand for carriers that can haul produce, more than likely temperature controlled or reefer carriers in a market. Surging prices tend to correlate with specific harvests getting underway.

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