Trucks-in-market (TRUK)

Hannah BlalockTCA Benchmarking Indices

Trucking Supply/Demand

What is it? 

A daily index representing the number of trucks ending their day in one of the 135 markets based on telematics data such as ELDs. The base value is 100 which is based on the number of trucks in the market on April 1 of 2018. A value of 118 indicates that there are 18% more trucks ending their day in the market than on April 1, 2018. 

An example ticker would be TRUK.LAX to see the trucks-in-market value for Los Angeles. 

Who is interested?

Analysts, Industry experts, Transportation Managers, trucking operators, pricing managers

What does it tell me?

The TRUK indices give an indication of how active a market is with trucks, which can be an indication of demand increases/decreases as well as supply shifts. Looking at daily trucking patterns can also give an indication of driver behavioral patterns around a market. Daily surges and declines can tell you how active a market is for picking up and delivering in that area during the week.