Treasury Bond/Bill Yield (BOND)

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What is it?

A measure of the yield on 10 Year U.S. Treasury Bonds.

Who is interested?

This figure is important to all investors globally as an indicator of financial market health, the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, the U.S. government’s financial soundness and the nominal risk-free rate that savers can earn and the U.S. government must pay to borrow at different maturities along the yield curve. U.S. Treasury Bill and Bond yields are also important proxies because they often serve as benchmarks for other important lending rates in the economy such as mortgage rates, auto loans, etc.

What does it tell me?

The 10 Year Treasury Bond is a debt obligation issued by the United States government with a maturity of 10 years upon initial issuance. A 10 Year Treasury Bond pays interest at a fixed rate once every six months, and pays the face value to the holder at maturity. The U.S. government partially funds itself by issuing 10 Year Treasury Bonds.

  • 1 Month Treasury Bill (BOND.1MO)
  • 2 Month Treasury Bill (BOND.2MO)
  • 3 Month Treasury Bill (BOND.3MO)
  • 6 Month Treasury Bill (BOND.6MO)
  • 1 Year Treasury Bond (BOND.1YR)
  • 2 Year Treasury Bond (BOND.2YR)
  • 3 Year Treasury Bond (BOND.3YR)
  • 5 Year Treasury Bond (BOND.5YR)
  • 7 Year Treasury Bond (BOND.7YR)
  • 10 Year Treasury Bond (BOND.10YR)
  • 20 Year Treasury Bond (BOND.20YR)
  • 30 Year Treasury Bond (BOND.30YR)