Daily Tip: National Truckload Index (NTI)

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Did you know? The truckload spot market leads longer term pricing trends by ~90 days on average.  Each day we’ll send you a daily tip designed to guide you to become a SONAR expert. If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Success Representative or email the team at cs@freightwaves.com. FreightWaves’ National Truckload Index (NTI) is a national truckload … Read More

Spot (linehaul) to contract rate spread (RATES, RATES12, RATES20)

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What is it? The difference between spot and contract dry van rates at a national level excluding estimated fuel costs. It is based on the National Trucking Index less the cost of fuel at various levels (NTIL, NTIL12, NTIL20) and FreightWaves van contract rate data initial report (VCRPM1), which is a  lagging index (14-day lag). The rate spreads are offered … Read More

FreightWaves TRAC (Trusted Rate Assessment Consortium) Spot Rates

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What is it? Average buy (to the carrier) rate derived from 3PL and freight brokerage reported by booked or covered date. TRAC contributors provide daily load data consisting of rate-information for hundreds of thousands of unique loads (i.e., different combinations of dates, modes, and zip3-lanes). More than a simple average, FreightWaves weights the values based on: Proximity to the specified … Read More

Market Dashboard

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What is it? A spot rate management dashboard that shows the current spot rate with high and low values in a lane along with a historic chart view and multiple other market analytic data points such as origin and destination capacity conditions Who is interested?  Anyone who is involved in truck transportation. Brokers, Carrier Pricing, Carrier Sales, Load Planners, Transportation … Read More