Intermodal contract savings versus truckload (IMCSI)

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What is it? The percent difference between the domestic intermodal contract rate per mile (all-inclusive) and the truckload contract rate per mile (all-inclusive) on the same lane (i.e., same origin-destination pair). The Intermodal Savings Index tickers are derived from the SONAR contract rate data described here but with a key difference of these being calculated as all-in rates versus transportation … Read More

Railroad Dashboard

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The basics such as weekly carload and intermodal unit traffic by commodity, weekly operating metrics including speed and terminal dwell, published tariff rates and railroad cost indices Differentiated  look at rail equipment with railcar lease rates by car type and railcar storage prices Proprietary intermodal volume and spot rate data by lane, city, container size and loaded/empty Not a SONAR … Read More