Revenue per Driver per Week (DRVREV)

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What is it?

This index captures the total amount of Linehaul and Accessorial revenue generated per week, expressed on ‘per Driver’ basis. Please note, Fuel Surcharge is excluded from this index. The count of drivers included in this index capture both part-time and full-time employees, and independent contractors. For part-time, the counts are reported on a FEL basis (Full Time Equivalent). The carriers reporting the data for this index are participants in Truckload Carriers Association’s TPP program.

Formula: [(linehaul revenue + accessorial revenue) / (driver count)] / (weeks in month)

Who is interested?

Anyone that has an interest in freight movement patterns. i.e. Shippers, freight brokers, fleet managers, executives in a transportation company, owner operators.

What does it tell me?

This index provides a measure of performance and health for the truckload segment. Higher results, relative to historical values indicates a strong market. Conversely, lower measures indicate weaker economic activity. This index is widely used by carriers as a key performance indicator.

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