Tender Lead Time (TLT)


The Tender Lead Time (OTLT/ITLT) is a daily index that measures the length of time in days between the load being offered and the requested pickup date. i.e. Shipper A sends load request on June 8th with a pickup date of June 10th has a 2-day OTLT.


Anyone that has an interest in freight movement patterns. i.e. Shippers, freight brokers, fleet managers, executives in a transportation company, owner operators


The TLT indicates shipper behavior patterns. When a market experiences changes in TLTs it can mean 1) the shipper is anticipating capacity issues, so the lead time increases and 2) the shipper has unexpected surging volumes, so the lead time decreases.

Outbound Tender Lead Times – OTLT

Inbound Tender Lead Times – ITLT

These are additional organizations of the OTLT/ITLT:

Equipment Type:

  • ROTLT – the OTLT for temperature controlled loads
  • VOTLT- the OTLT for dry van loads
  • FOTLT – the OTLT for flatbed loads – national only
  • IMOTLT – the OTLT for intermodal loads

Length of Haul:

  • LOTLT – the OTLT for loads moving over 800 miles
  • TOTLT – the OTLT for loads moving 451 – 800 miles
  • MOTLT – the OTLT for loads moving 251 – 450 miles
  • SOTLT – the OTLT for loads moving 100 – 250 miles
  • COTLT – the OTLT for loads moving under 100 miles

For inbound tender lead times replace the O with an I.

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