MyTRAC is displayed in the Market Dashboard UI for TRAC contributors to leverage market rates and their own data to create a customized suggested bid rate.TRAC contributors can easily deliver data through an API and get access to benchmarking against market peers, customized rate data and market signals based on TRAC insights in exchange for sharing their data. 

The MyTRAC calculation requires a minimum of three valid shipments to return a result and has two different lookback periods. 

  • 14 days – If at least three valid shipments are found in the last 14 days, the results for myTRAC will be based on this period of time.
  • 90 days – If at least three valid shipments are not found in the last 14 days, the lookback period will expand to 90 days to find three valid shipments by the contributor for the given lane.

*If the minimum of three valid shipments is not found within either lookback period, a result of N/A will be returned.*


Anyone who is involved in truck transportation —brokers, carrier pricing teams, carrier sales teams, load planners, transportation managers


This rate gives the user a more prescriptive procurement target, which utilizes their existing purchasing behavior. This suggested rate eliminates the analytical step between seeing the market rate and blending it with their existing carrier base rates. With myTRAC data, users can also identify lanes where they should be paying more or less and gain helpful context to plan ahead and optimize margins.


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