HOS14 Daily Driver Utilization (driving and non-driving) (HOS14.USA)


The Hours of Service (HoS) daily driving index is a measure of the average amount of driving (HOS11) and non-driving (HOS14) on lines 3 and 4 of their electronic log. The index is expressed in hours such that a reading of 7.70 hours would translate to 7 hours and 42 minutes of total work time (driving and non-driving).

HOS14 is broken down into three lengths of haul:

  • Local Drivers: LHOS14.USA – radius of operation less than 250 miles from the base.
  • Regional Drivers: RHOS14.USA – radius of operation between 250 and 400 miles from the base.
  • Over-the-Road Drivers: OHOS14. USA – radius of operation greater than 400 miles from the base.


Safety and risk managers, driver and fleet managers, load planners, customer service, pricing analysts, trucking company executives, industry analysts, owner-operators and insurance company loss control managers


A commercial vehicle driver operating outside the 100 air-mile radius from the base and therefore required to have a ELD device installed, and who operates under either the 60 hours / 7-day or 70 hours / 8-day rule, cannot drive more than 11-hours without taking a 14-hour consecutive rest break. The HoS14 index is a measure of driver utilization levels within the 14-hour maximum and highlights areas of inefficiency and areas for improvement in load scheduling and the setting of appointment times.

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