Ocean TEUs Index (OOTI/IOTI)


An index representing the daily volume of twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) volumes being booked with ocean container lines for a specific country of origin, or a specific port within a country of origin.The daily value is based on the Estimated Date of Departure (ETD) on each booking that has been confirmed by the ocean carrier as the date that the TEU volumes are intended to leave the specific origin. The index is also calculated on a 14-day moving average (of ETDs), and is indexed to August 1st, 2020 using a baseline of 10,000 for all global lane combinations. Each specific lane derivative’s index value is additive, meaning all lane index values aggregated would comprise the 10,000 baseline value.

Lane example: IOTI.CHNUSA = 619 on August 1st. China to U.S. container volume (in Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units – TEUs)  was 619/10000 or 6.19% of global container volumes on August 1st, 2020. On January 31st, 2021 IOTI.CHNUSA is showing 702, meaning that container volumes on this lane increased by 13.4% from January 31st, 2021 vs. August 1st, 2020.

A user can view the volume of TEUs being booked on both an inbound (IOTI) and outbound basis (OOTI).


Anyone that has an interest in ocean container volumes that are being booked within a specific country of origin, or a port located within a specific country of origin.


This tells a user how much demand is currently being generated in the form of new bookings taking place with ocean container lines at a specific origin for ocean containers. Rather than relying on historical data being reported by ports or U.S. Customs for volumes that have already moved through a specific port, this gives the user insight into volumes before they ever depart the country or port of origin. 

Example: A user wants to see the amount of TEU volume being booked from the port of Los Angeles to all ports within China, they would type in OOTI.USLAXCHN. Or, if they wanted to see all TEU volumes being booked at all ports in China that are destined for the port of Los Angeles in the U.S., they would type in IOTI.CHNUSLAX. The user would type in OOTI.CHNUSA to see the indexed value for TEU volumes being booked with ocean container lines in all ports within China that are destined to all ports within the U.S. 

These are additional organizations of the OOTI:


OOTIW –  the percent change in OOTI from 7 days ago

OOTIM  –   the percent change in OOTI from 28 days ago

OOTIY  –  the percent change in OOTI from 1 year ago

For inbound volumes replace the O with an I.

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