Payroll Employment (EMPS, EMPN)


The payroll employment statistics come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and is reported monthly by industry. The data is in thousands of employees, and is collected in SONAR as both seasonally adjusted (EMPS) and nonseasonally adjusted (EMPN). The following industry granularities are available in SONAR

AIR – air transportation
BLDG – building materials, garden equipment retailers
CCAS – clothing retail stores
CONS – construction
COUR – couriers and messenger services
EDUC – education and health services
ELEC – electrical equipment retail stores
FBEV – food and beverage retail sotres
FINC – financial activities
GASS – gas stations
GFLD – general freight trucking long distance
GFTK – general freight trucking, total
GOOD – total goods producing industries
GOVT – government
HHOG – household and office movign truck transportation
HOSP – leisure and hospitality
HPCS – health and personal care retail stores
INFO – information services
LDLTL – long distance LTL trucking
LDTL – long distance tl trucking
LOCL – general freight trucking, local
MFTG – manufacturing
MINE – mining
MOTR – motor vehicles and parts retailers
MRCH – General Merchandise retailers
NFRM – total nonfarm payrolls
NSTR – nonstore retailers
PLIN – Pipeline transportation
PROB – professional and business services
PRVT – Total private
RAIL – rail transportation
RETL – Total retail trade
SFTK – Specialized freight trucking
SGHS – sporting goods and hobby retailers
SOFA- furniture retailers
SRVC – Total Service Producing
STLC -Specialized trucking, local
STLD – Specialized trucking, long distance
TPWH – Total transportation and warehousing
UTIL – utilities
WATR – water transportation
WHSG – warehousing and storage
WTRD – wholesale trade


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Headline payroll employment (EMPS.NFRM) is one of the most significant economic releases each month, providing the backdrop for consumer spending. The employment data is some of the most detailed government data available, and SONAR captures significant granularity within the retail sector and the transportation industry, to see where jobs are being added in the economy.

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