Institute of Supply Management Metrics (ISM)


The ISM is an organization of supply chain professionals and conducts a monthly survey of purchasing managers in the manufacturing and service sectors. The ISM indexes are seasonally adjusted and reported such that the index value represents the percentage of respondents that say that activity is expanding for their business. Any value above 50 is a sign that that activity is expanding in the sector. In SONAR, the following ISM indexes are collected

  • PMI – manufacturing index
  • MCIN – manufacturers customers inventories
  • MDEL – manufacturing supplier deliveries
  • MEMP – manufacturing employment
  • MEXP – manufacturing new export orders
  • MIMP – manufacturing imports
  • MINV – manufacturing inventories
  • MLOG – manufacturing backlog of orders
  • MNEW – manufacturing new orders
  • MPRI – manufacturing prices paid
  • MPRO – manufacturing production
  • NBUS – nonmanufacturing business activity
  • NDEL – nonmanufacturing supplier deliveries
  • NEMP – nonmanufacturing employment
  • NIMP – nonmanufacturing imports
  • NINS – nonmanufacturing inventory sentiment
  • NINV – nonmanufacturing inventories
  • NLOG – nonmanufacturing backlog of orders
  • NNEW – nonmanufacturing new orders
  • NPRI – nonmanufacturing prices paid
  • SBI – services business index
  • SBUS – services business activity index


Economists, analysts, carriers, specialized freight, and anyone concerned with the health of freight demand or the overall economy


The ISM data provides a more timely view of manufacturing and service sectors in the economy. It is among the first economic indicators released each month, and gives an advance look at some of the hard economic data like manufacturing production. Several of the components in the ISM data are forward-looking as well, as new orders and new export orders typically lead actual manufacturing and export activity by 1-2 months

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