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An overview of lanes uploaded by a user that summarizes the freight spend and compares it to market level data. The most actionable portion of that spend is summed in the Overpaying and Underpaying tabs.

Total Cost –  load volume x linehaul rate per mile x miles

Unique Lanes –  Number of lanes with unique identifiers

Load Count –  Total loads for all the lanes

Total Miles –  Total miles for all the lanes

Total Estimated Carbon Emission –  Total estimated metric tons of carbon emitted based on miles and volume.

Unique Origins/Destinations –  A count of total origin zip codes and destination zip codes.

Overpaying –  The total amount of spend above the market in the lanes; conditions favor a stronger than average supply of capacity or a favorable direction for a carrier. These lanes should be easier to negotiate or locate a lower price than you are currently paying.

Underpaying –  The total amount of spend below the market; conditions are unfavorable for carrier operations and negotiating lower pricing. These lanes have a high risk of low compliance.

Total Financial Risk –  The total spend that falls into the overpaying and underpaying buckets.

Network Map –  A map with your top 100 lanes by volume showing a line linking origin and destination with a straight line.

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