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An overview of lanes uploaded by a user that summarizes the freight spend and compares it to market level data. The most actionable portion of that spend is summed in the Overpaying and Underpaying tabs.

Here are the items displayed on the page and what they mean:

Total Spend –  load volume x linehaul rate per mile x miles

Unique Lanes –  Number of lanes with unique identifiers

Load Count –  Total loads for all the lanes

Total Miles –  Total miles for all the lanes

Total Carbon –  Total estimated metric tons of carbon emitted based on miles and volume.

Unique Origins/Destinations –  A count of total origin zip codes and destination zip codes.

Overpaying –  The total amount of spend above the market in the lanes; conditions favor a stronger than average supply of capacity or a favorable direction for a carrier. These lanes should be easier to negotiate or locate a lower price than you are currently paying.

Underpaying –  The total amount of spend below the market; conditions are unfavorable for carrier operations and negotiating lower pricing. These lanes have a high risk of low compliance.

Total Spend at Risk –  The total spend that falls into the overpaying and underpaying buckets.

Network Map –  A map with lines showing each unique lane by linking origin and destination with a straight line.

Lane Spend Distribution – A tree map representing each lane by size of total spend; the highest spend lanes are on the top left and the smallest spend lanes are on the bottom right. The shades of red and blue indicate the variance to market with reds being higher than market and blues being lower than market.

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