Network View


A summary of rate and market data calculated by unique origin. The Network View gives a high level overview of each origin market in the sample, allowing the user to sort and identify the most challenging areas of their network. This view allows the user to focus on specific distribution centers or warehouses.

The following data points are averaged or summarized for each origin point:

Average My Rate – The weighted average rate per mile uploaded by the user (total spend/total miles)

Average Contract Rate – The weighted average market rate per mile based on volumes uploaded by the user.

Average Fuel Cost – Calculated using invoices from the last 90 days

Overall Score – Consolidated lane score for all lanes of that origin.

Origin SONAR Signal – A score derived from a combination of market balance and tender rejection rates. A higher score indicates easier coverage or looser capacity, while a low score indicates the opposite.

Destination SONAR Signal – Similar to the Origin SONAR Signal except it scores the destination market.

Outbound Stability – A measure of volatility of the capacity of the outbound market. Higher scores indicate low frequency of changing conditions over the stated period of time.

Inbound Stability – Similar to the outbound stability score but for the inbound market.

Load Acceptance – The average load acceptance rate for all the lanes in terms of contract compliance. Higher values indicate higher load acceptance rates.

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