Railcar Leasing Prices (RCLCG)

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What is it?

The long-term lease cost of the following railcar types expressed as a rate per railcar-month.

Railcar Type Ticker Description
Coal Gondola RCLCG.USA Designed to ship heavy bulk commodities such as coal where unloading is either manual or via a rotary dumper.
Coal Hopper RCLCH.USA Designed to handle heavy dry bulk commodities that are not affected by weather conditions and will flow or discharge through the bottom gates into storage pits.
General Purpose Tank RCLGPT.USA Used to ship compressed or liquid commodities including crude oil and chemicals
Gondola RCLG.USA Open-topped railcar designed to ship heavy bulk commodities that includes scrap metal, aggregates, logs, lumber where unloading is either manual or via a rotary dumper.
High-Pressureank RCLHPT.USA Used to ship compressed or liquid commodities.
Large Covered Hopper RCLLCH.USA Designed to handle shipments of free-flowing bulk commodities such as cement and sand. Cars are loaded from the top and the product is discharged from the bottom.
Specialized Flatcar RCLSF.USA Designs come in a variety of lengths, tonnage, and capacities for specialized commodities that are not subject to damage from the elements.
Open Top Hopper RCLOTH.USA Quick and easy loading of heavy bulk commodities not affected by weather such as coal

Who is interested?

Intermodal Marketing Contractors, Railroads, Fleet managers, trucking company executives, industry analysts, and anyone that ships bulk shipments of dry goods and gases on the railroads.

What does it tell me?

Railcar leasing costs are an indicator of demand for bulk commodities suited to transport via this equipment type.