Pre-Built SONAR Pages

US Summary Page

This page provides year over year volumes on national level, year over year rejections on national level, U.S. volume overlay with rejections, OTRI vs NTI rates and correlation, length of haul rejections on national level and more.

All About HAUL / Load Balance

Headhaul is great to view capacity in the market. Blue markets mean more outbound volume (loads) / Red markets mean more inbound volume (trucks).

Tab 1 - Map - All Modes HAUL
Tab 2 - Map - Van HAUL
Tab 3 - Map - Reefer HAUL
Tab 4 - Chart - OTVI.ATL (outbound volume) / ITVI.ATL (inbound volume)

Capacity Trend

How to identify loosening and tightening markets

Right: Capacity Trend Direction - measurement of the strength and direction of changes in capacity on a scale of -3 (strongest tightening) to +3 (strongest easing)
Left Tab 1 : Capacity Trend Scores (1= loose / 100= tight) - Sort by Value, the color indicates the day over day change. If it is red, that means it has gone down (moore loose), and if it is green, it has gone up(more tight)
Left Tab 2 - Volatility Widget -You can see the high highs and the low lows in the markets with OTVI, OTRI, Headhaul, and TLT

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