OAIRVOL/IAIRVOL: Outbound / Inbound Air Cargo Volume

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What is it?

This is monthly cargo volume data on U.S. domestic and international flights that fly out of or into a U.S. airport. Cargo is reported in metric tons (i.e. 1,000 kgs or 2,204 lbs) for combined freight and mail traffic on each city pair and flight leg summed up for each month.  

The data is reportable in SONAR for each major U.S. airport as a total, and is further broken down for freighter flights and passenger flights, including both wide-body and narrow-body aircraft. 

Additional breakdowns cover the top domestic and international city pairs such as JFK to Los Angeles or JFK to London, and is also further divisible into freighter and passenger volumes for those city pairs. 

The data goes back to 2010. 

The base SONAR ticker names are OAIRVOL and IAIRVOL:

OAIRVOL – outbound volumes in total

OAIRVOLP – outbound volumes on passenger aircraft

OAIRVOLF – outbound volumes on freighter aircraft

IAIRVOL – inbound volumes in total

IAIRVOLP – inbound volumes on passenger aircraft

IAIRVOLF – inbound volumes on freighter aircraft

Example granularities for airports:

OAIRVOL.ATL – outbound volumes for Atlanta GA

IAIRVOL.SFO – inbound volumes for San Francisco CA

OAIRVOLP.MIA – outbound volumes on passenger flights leaving Miami FL

IAIRVOLF.MEM – inbound volumes on freighter flights arriving in Memphis TN

IAIRVOL.LHR – for non-U.S. airports, this is the inbound volume to London Heathrow on flights from the U.S.

Example granularities for major city pairs:

OAIRVOL.ATLAMS – outbound volumes for Atlanta to Amsterdam

OAIRVOLP.LAXJFK – outbound volumes on passenger flights from LAX to JFK

OAIRVOLF.MEMANC – outbound volumes on freighter flights from Memphis to Anchorage (note: this is also inbound volumes into Anchorage from Memphis)

City pair data is only available using the OAIRVOL ticker name. But inbound city pair level data can be accessed using OAIRVOL, as per the Anchorage example above.

Who is interested?

Anyone that tracks airport cargo volumes or trends on what markets freight is flying on

What does it tell me?

It shows you which airports are growing or shrinking their flown volumes month-to-month and year-over-year. It also shows how much airport traffic is on freighter flights vs passenger flights, the growth trend for each, and whether the airport has more inbound traffic or outbound traffic. At the airport level, it shows which markets or city pairs are growing or shrinking. It assists in planning strategies around airports, and can be paired up against ocean port and other transport modes to see multi-modal trends.