Net Revenue per Truck / Loaded Miles per truck (NREVLM )

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What is it? 

This index displays the net revenue per truck per week divided by loaded miles/revenue miles per truck per week by tractors owned or contracted by the reporting carriers. This index does not include fuel surcharges within its measurements, and does not include empty miles driven. 

(Net Revenue per Truck per Week) / (Loaded Miles per Truck per Week) = NREVLM

Who is interested? 

Anyone that has an interest in freight movement patterns. i.e. Shippers, freight brokers, fleet managers, executives in a transportation company, owner operators.

What does it tell me?

This index provides a measure of performance and health for the truckload segment. Higher results, relative to historical values indicates a strong market. Conversely, lower measures indicate weaker economic activity. This index is widely used by carriers as a key performance indicator.