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The SONAR Platform

When you log into SONAR, you will see different sections on the left hand side of the platform. 

If you have a SONAR Enterprise License, you will see our Apps Section on the top left, Custom My Pages, and the Global Pages bottom left. 

If you have a SONAR Starter License, you will see our Market Dashboard App in the top left corner, and all of our Global Pages on the bottom left. 

My Custom Pages

Users can create and save their own custom built page views in My Pages for easy access. 

To build your own Page: 

  1. Click Edit Pages in the bottom left corner
  2. Click + Add page that appears above Edit Pages
  3. Name your page and click Add
  4. Find your new page under My Pages and click on it
  5. Click + at the top right corner of your screen
  6. Select which Widget you would like to add: News, Charts, Maps, Watchlist, Video, and Analytics 
  7. Users can add as many Widgets to a Page as they’d like to create a comprehensive dashboard view

To Delete a Custom Page:

  1. Click Edit Pages at the bottom left corner
  2. Select the page you want to delete
  3. Click on the trash can to delete the page

To Share a Custom Page:

  1. Click on the Page you want to share
  2. Click on the share icon that appears next to the page name
  3. Copy and Paste the shared link, and send it to other SONAR users via chat, email, etc. 

Global Pages

You can also easily view other Global pre-loaded pages on the bottom left side of the platform. The Global Pages can not be edited by the user, but they do have some of our top data sets and page views. 


Our SONAR Tools are on the top right corner of the SONAR Platform. 


Here you can reach our Customer Success Team to answer any questions you have about SONAR.

TCA InGauge:

This helps with Benchmarking your financial and operational performance for Carriers. You will need to have a subscription to TCA Benchmarking to access this tool.


Here you can get updates on release notes, bug fixes, and more!

Documents Library: 

This houses all of our Daily Watch, Market Updates, and more industry research!

Additional customizable SONAR Tools:

The My Map Layers allows you to upload your custom locations, and view them on our maps in SONAR.

Alerts Management allows you to set parameters around data sets to alert you when a market is changing. 

Knowledge Center:

The question mark takes you to the Knowledge Center, to learn even more about all things SONAR.

Apps and Widgets


Container Atlas


Critical Events


Imports by Consignee


Market Dashboard


Market Dashboard+


Ocean Shipments Report


Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI)

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