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Users can customize any number of Symbol Lists to store the data that’s most relevant to their individual needs. For example, one symbol list may contain the OTRI on lanes from a preffered market and another might contain a variety of agriculture data, while another one might look at a variety of macro-economic indexes. These lists can then be used to create scrolling tickers, tree maps, or any other form of Watchlist.

Building a Symbol List

  1. In the top right corner of SONAR, click on the My SONAR Tools icon
  2. Select My Symbol Lists
  3. Select Add
  4. Create a title for your list
  5. You may add individual indexes one by one (be sure to click + Add after each one) or click Append from Symbol List
  6. If selecting to append, you may select a Default Symbol List to begin with, or one of your other customized Symbol Lists.
  7. When ready, click Save


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