Building Permits (000’s) (PRMT)

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What is it? Building Permits are an authorization that must be granted by either a government or regulatory body prior to construction of a new or existing building project can legally occur. This is released by the U.S. Census Bureau once a month, measured in thousands. Who is interested? Economist, Analyst, Investors, Developers, Builders What does it tell me? Building … Read More

Average Hourly Earnings/Wage (EARN)

FreightWaves Customer SuccessMacro Economic Indicators

What is it? EARN is a monthly figure on average hourly earnings of all private employees, released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It measures the average hourly wage of employees, not including benefits, of workers by industry. The value is in USD, and SONAR tracks the following industries:CONS – constructionEDUC – education and health servicesFINC – financial activitiesHOSP – … Read More

AIRRTM: A4A Air Cargo Volume Revenue Ton Miles

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What is it? In partnership with the Airlines for America (A4A), data covering monthly revenue ton-miles for cargo flown by select member U.S. airlines that are members of the A4A and report their figures monthly to that association.  A ton-mile is one ton (2,000 lbs) flown one mile, and is one common way used within the airline industry to measure … Read More

Agricultural Production and Inventories

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What is it? SONAR tracks monthly and quarterly data on various agricultural commodities, including price and volume. The production and inventory data is the amount of production generated by agricultural producers during the month or quarter, and is typically reported in pounds, though some commodities (milk, eggs, hogs) have unique units of measurement. All of the available commodity production figures … Read More

Basic Navigation

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FreightWaves SONAR is a powerful platform that brings together millions of disparate freight market data points with a robust analytics toolset and the market intelligence of the FreightWaves team — all through one intuitive dashboard. To learn how to navigate through SONAR, start with this intro video. Not a SONAR customer but want to learn more about SONAR? Visit the … Read More

Selerity Flash News

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The Selerity Flash News option gives users real-time transportation industry news. By linking up to social media outlets, hundreds of key individuals, executives, and organizations will regularly contribute to this news feed. To enable this feature, after selecting “News” from the Widget Menu, choose “Social Media Flash Content.” Not a SONAR customer but want to learn more about SONAR? Visit … Read More

Adding My Pages

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Adding My Pages In addition to the National Pages, users can create save relevant data in My Pages for easy access. To build a user page: Click Edit Pages in the bottom left corner Click + Add page that appears above Edit Pages Name your page and click Add Find your new page under My Pages and click on it … Read More

Building a Chart

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To build a chart in SONAR: Add My Pages Click + in the top right corner Select Chart Click in “Enter Symbol” at the top left corner of the display window Browse or search for your desired data set (symbol or ticker) Select your desired data set Not a SONAR customer but want to learn more about SONAR? Visit the … Read More

Headhaul Index

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Market Volume Insights What is it? The Headhaul Index (HAUL) calculates the difference between the Outbound Tender Volume Index (OTVI) and the Inbound Tender Volume Index (ITVI). The Headhaul Index will calculate the difference between the two indices, and therefore, the difference between outbound and inbound volume in markets. Example: OTVI.ATL was 250 as of August 1. ITVI.ATL was 200 … Read More

Employment Levels (EMP)

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What is it? The employment levels are monthly employment data based on surveys conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) that provides employment levels in the various economic sectors. The numbers represent an estimation of actual employed individuals in the sector in thousands. They are divided into seasonally (EMPS) and non-seasonally (EMPN) adjusted figures. Who is interested? Transportation industry … Read More

Types of Watchlists

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A Watchlist is a way to display data. You can select from the following types of watchlists Standard Watchlist Standard Watchlist – displays selected in terms of daily movement. Heat Map List Heat Map List – a color coded list that is shaded based on movements from the previous day. Green denotes a positive change. Red denotes a negative change. … Read More

Creating a Symbol List

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Creating a Symbol List is an easy way to track the data that’s most relevant to your role. Each individual user can create their own lists to help them easily access areas of SONAR that help track and trace the information they need. Every data set available in SONAR can be added to a Symbol List. To build your own … Read More

What is SONAR?

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  Welcome to a growing community of shippers, carriers, brokers, educational institutions, and financial organizations taking advantage of the most comprehensive, near time freight market data in history. With SONAR, you can know what’s happening in transportation as it’s happening, which means you can get ahead and get things done. Users have advanced insights into freight market trends, allowing them … Read More

Navigating the Chart

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Charts tell users the direction that markets are trending and provide context to these movements. Each data set is different and has a different story to tell. By understanding how each of these data sets relate to each other, users will become experts in forecasting and getting ahead of pricing swings. Here is a quick overview of charts and how … Read More

Manage Symbol Lists

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Users can customize any number of Symbol Lists to store the data that’s most relevant to their individual needs. For example, one symbol list may contain the OTRI on lanes from a preffered market and another might contain a variety of agriculture data, while another one might look at a variety of macro-economic indexes. These lists can then be used … Read More

Geographic Areas

FreightWaves Customer SuccessGranularities

The geographic qualifiers are shown in the table below. They are generally sequenced largest to smallest, Global regions as the largest geography down to 3-digit ZIP code areas. Click on the name of each area to see a detailed list of allowable values. Granularity Description Regional Country Groupings Major global regions. National A nationwide data series. Regions USA Regions Canadian … Read More

Draw Function

FreightWaves Customer SuccessCharts

These tools are used to highlight certain events and measure changes in the charts. For example, suppose you want to explain a drastic market movement by pointing out that it was leading up to the 4th of July. You could use the Callout function under the drop-down menu. Click on the pencil in the top right corner of the chart. … Read More

Comparing Charts

FreightWaves Customer SuccessCharts

A useful function of the Charts is the compare function. Users can view multiple indices over any given time period. Underneath the title of the graph, click the Compare button. Enter the desired symbol into the box. If desired, edit the color by clicking on the color box to the right of the box. Change the display if desired by … Read More

Building a Watchlist

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You can customize a watchlist with the data that is more relevant to you. To build a watchlist: Click the + at the top right hand of your screen to add a chart Select the watchlist you prefer from the drop down Create a name for your list (Ex. Tender Rejects – Southeast) Click Manage Symbols Select your desired symbol … Read More