Lane Score Through MarcoPoint (Descartes)

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What is it? A score derived from electronic tender data that measures how easy a lane is to cover based on directional balance. Low Lane Scores are connected to higher prices, while high score lanes tend to be easier to cover with prices lower than the market average.  Who is interested?  Transportation Managers, Brokers,  Pricing Analysts, Shipper Procurement, Carrier Sales … Read More

Capacity Trend Indices (CTSV52, CTSR52, CTSV4, CTSR4, CTDV4, CTDR4)

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What is it? Capacity Trend scores translate tender volume and rejection data into a simple-to-use measure of capacity.  The Capacity Trend algorithm detects structural pattern shifts in load balance and tender rejection activity, along with the velocity of change of those data points that are normalized for each market. The strength of those patterns tell a SONAR subscriber how favorable … Read More

Drewry World Container Index

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What is it? The Drewry World Container Index is a composite of 40-foot ocean container freight rates on 8 major routes to/from the US, Europe and Asia as assessed by Drewry Maritime Research. This is primarily used as a benchmark for 40-foot ocean container spot rates across the various trade lanes that it represents. Trade Lanes Covered WCI.SHALAX – Shanghai … Read More

SONAR SCI – Lane Acuity

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What is Lane Acuity? Lane Acuity is the newest product app in the ongoing development of the SCI suite of products. Lane Acuity provides insights into market stability, by lane, helping participants identify rate and capacity risk on a lane. It also gives users the ability to quantify the carbon impact of their transportation networks.   Think of it as a … Read More

Intermodal contract savings versus truckload (IMCSI)

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What is it? The percent difference between the domestic intermodal contract rate per mile (all-inclusive) and the truckload contract rate per mile (all-inclusive) on the same lane (i.e., same origin-destination pair). The Intermodal Savings Index tickers are derived from the SONAR contract rate data described here but with a key difference of these being calculated as all-in rates versus transportation … Read More

FreightWaves Scientific Rates (FWS/FWSR/FWSW)

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What is it?  The average of FreightWaves’ proprietary algorithm designed to predict and portray buy side (shipper/broker to carrier) van spot market linehaul rates of over 750,000 lanes in the U.S., excluding lanes under 250 miles in length The algorithm ingests multiple data points, including but not limited to tender data, operational costs, and demographic information and projects them 28 … Read More

What is a SONAR Index

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A freight index is a calculation based on industry data. SONAR freight indices collect data from all trading parties. That includes carriers, shippers, forwarders and brokers. Analysis of that data creates a benchmarking standard.  In turn, that allows companies to analyze strategic positioning, monitor market conditions and make decisions based on forecasted data. That process, the lifecycle of tactical freight … Read More

Trucks-in-market (TRUK)

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Trucking Supply/Demand What is it?  A daily index representing the number of trucks ending their day in one of the 135 markets based on telematics data such as ELDs. The base value is 100 which is based on the number of trucks in the market on April 1 of 2018. A value of 118 indicates that there are 18% more … Read More

My SONAR Tools

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Add your own indices, locations on the map and view your symbol is using My SONAR Tools. To access My SONAR Tools Click + in the top left corner Select your desired tool To add custom indices Select My Custom Indices from the My SONAR Tools menu Click Custom Index Template (.csv) to download a template for your .CSV file … Read More

Net revenue per truck per week (NETREV)

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What is it? The net revenue per truck per week provides a measure of how well a carrier’s trucks are operating in a week-by-week view. A stronger NETREV indicates higher profitability and potentially more moves across all activities, as well as increased linehaul and accessorial revenue. This metric is  part of the Truckload Carrier Association’s TPP Program. Formula: Percentage of … Read More

Ocean Shipments Report

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What is the Ocean Shipments Report?  The Ocean Shipments Report, also known as OSR, displays ocean container and shipment volumes 7 days in the future. The container volume is measured in TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units), and shipment volumes represent bills of lading. The index represents the daily volume of twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) volumes being booked with ocean container lines … Read More

Ocean Shipments Index (OOSI/IOSI)

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What is it? An index representing the daily shipment volumes being booked with ocean container lines for a specific country of origin, or a specific port within a country of origin. The date that is being used as the daily value is the Estimated Date of Departure (ETD) on each booking that has been confirmed by the ocean carrier as … Read More

Van/Reefer/Intermodal/LTL Contract Rate Per Mile Final (VCRPMF/RCRPMF/LTL)

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Trucking Supply/Demand What is it?  The average base rate (no fuel or accessorial charges) of mostly contracted freight volumes reported on a 14-day (Initial, 1) and varying period lags (Final, F) on a national level. They are segmented into van, reefer, intermodal, and Less-than-Truckload (LTL) modes. Van, reefer, and intermodal rates are expressed in a rate per mile, while LTL … Read More

Ocean TEUs Index (OOTI/IOTI)

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What is it? An index representing the daily volume of twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) volumes being booked with ocean container lines for a specific country of origin, or a specific port within a country of origin. The index is calculated on a 10-day moving average, and is indexed to January 1st, 2019 using a baseline of 100 for each specific … Read More

Gross Fuel Expense (%) (GFEPCT)

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What is it? The gross fuel expense percentage provides insight into the total fuel costs in comparison to total revenue. In this case, a lower GFEPCT indicates higher profit margins through lower fuel costs. Carriers reporting this data are members of the Truckload Carriers Association’s TPP Program Formula: Percentage of gross fuel expense = (gross fuel purchased + fuel additives … Read More

Gross Fuel Expense per Mile (GFEMIL)

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What is it? The GFEMIL is an index that measures the total fuel consumption expenses associated with all moves and is expressed on a per-mile basis. That includes total fuel costs for purchasing rack fuel, fuel additives, diesel exhaust fluid and taxes. The formula applies to fleets of any size and provides an industry standard for benchmarking. Carriers reporting this … Read More

Lane Signal

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What is Lane Signal?  Lane Signal is your day to day app within SONAR to help you make real-time decisions.  The Lane Signal dashboard shows current freight market rates, alongside historic and predictive freight rates for up to 12 months. What makes our data different? Our proprietary methods combine historical carrier rate data and tender transactions. Tenders are based on … Read More

Imports by Consignee

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Read 10 Ways for Truckload Providers Lower Detention and Demurrage Risk With Ocean Import Data What is Imports by Consignee?  The Ocean Imports by Consignee is a prebuilt SONAR report that provides import bills of lading directly from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The report shows the imports before they have been picked up by a dray carrier, domestic truckload … Read More

Lane Scorecard

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What is Lane Scorecard?  Lane Scorecard has proprietary SONAR lane scoring, SONAR predictive rates and spark graphs that allow the user to more easily see past and forecast trends. The Lane Scorecard app is launched from SONAR’s main navigation panel. It can be enabled/permissioned at the organization or user level. What does Lane Scorecard tell me?  Lane Scorecard improves pre-RFP … Read More

Create Custom Themes on your SONAR charts!

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Did you know? You can change the color of your charts in SONAR to match your favorite sports team. Want to display your company colors for presentations? Here’s how! What can I do? Within the SONAR charting widget, you have the ability to change the colors of the lines, background, grid lines and axis text! Maybe you have a favorite … Read More