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What is Lane Signal? 

Lane Signal is your day to day app within SONAR to help you make real-time decisions. 

The Lane Signal dashboard shows current freight market rates, alongside historic and predictive freight rates for up to 12 months. What makes our data different? Our proprietary methods combine historical carrier rate data and tender transactions. Tenders are based on 85% of the contracted truckload market and rate data represents thousands of fleets, giving you accurate data, fast. 

What does Lane Signal tell me? 

Proprietary algorithms score negotiating strength for shippers and carriers, showing current and previous values in easy to read pricing power gauges. Simply enter the origin and destination cities of the lane and the app does the rest of the work to compare routing costs.

Lane Signal populates freight rates with the option to include a fuel surcharge, giving you a more holistic view of the freight market. Easily toggle to the time frame and view that you need while referencing the geographical lane on the map above.

Who is interested? 

Analysts: Analysts can use Lane Signal to dive deeper into individual lanes to see what factors are driving capacity changes. 

Carriers: Carriers can use Lane Signal to see which lanes are tightening and loosening, using this information to either negotiate rates or identify utilization trends. They can also see if destination markets are moving in a more favorable direction, influencing acceptance decisions. Pricing managers can see how lanes are performing on an annual basis and use this for annual bids. 

Brokers: Brokers can use Lane Signal to discern which lanes will be more difficult to find coverage and where they will need to increase their rates on a daily basis. As with a carrier, the annual rate change information can be used in bid management. 

Shippers: The signal and rate data gives shippers insight into how much it costs a carrier to operate a lane and how much optionality they may have in a lane. Using this tool will give shippers better understanding of potential risks to their daily transportation coverage as well as changes in long-term capacity trends in their lanes. 

How to use Lane Signal 

1. Input your lane and click “enter” 

2. In this section you can see how to rate has changed over time (WoW, MoM and YoY) 

3. This section displays a time series chart of the predicted rate for the lane. It allows users to select 1, 3, or  6 month timeframes.

4. The map section of Lane Signal helps you get a visual of the lane you are searching. It provides the HAUL index overlay as well as the weather. 

5. In this section, you can see the Predictive Rates up to a year in the future. 

6. You can adjust the fuel surcharge here by either using our prebuilt FSC Calculator or by toggling on “Custom FSC” to customize for you. 

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