Index FREEZE: Freezing temperatures

Hannah BlalockWeather

What is it?

The freezing temperatures index indicates where air temperatures have been at/below 32F and when they may be at/or below 32F in the future.

Who is interested?

Carriers, especially those with reefers in their fleets; drivers. 

What does it tell me?

FREEZE is a measure of the average observed temperature in a U.S. county for the 24-hour period from midnight to 11:59:59 p.m. Surface temperature is typically recorded five to six feet above the ground, in the shade, away from heat-producing surfaces such as a building’s aluminum siding. It is measured in degrees Fahrenheit and is updated daily in SONAR. FREEZE includes the historical data plus a forecast of average temperature for a specific county for the next two days. The forecast could be used by carriers who operate reefers to be able to better control their temperature-sensitive freight. It can be used In conjunction with the RAIN ticker to determine where icy conditions could develop. For example, if the SNOW ticker shows no snowfall in the forecast for a particular freight market, but the RAIN ticker shows rainfall in the forecast and FREEZE shows an average temperature at/below 32F, there’s potential for freezing rain. This happens when rain falls through an above-freezing layer of air just above the ground and falls onto the ground which is below freezing, resulting in ice build up.