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What is Imports by Consignee? 

The Ocean Imports by Consignee is a prebuilt SONAR report that provides import bills of lading directly from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The report shows the imports before they have been picked up by a dray carrier, domestic truckload provider, or an intermodal/rail provider. The data is updated daily. 

What does Imports by Consignee tell me? 

Ocean Imports by Consignee provides a better understanding of how large shippers are importing a majority of their goods from overseas. 

  • What ports they are utilizing
  • What countries they are importing from
  • What competitors they are currently working with
  • Where are their locations and distribution centers 

Who’s interested in Imports by Consignee? 

Shippers and logistics providers use Ocean Imports by Consignee to get a better understanding of how larger shippers are importing and what potential capacity a surge of imports may cause in addition to potential detention and demurrage challenges.

How Do I use Imports by Consignee? 

1.) Use the ‘Consignee’ drop-down in the top right corner to filter to that selection. 

2.) Depending on the Consignee selected, different data will be displayed on the screen. 

3.) Click on blue areas on the map to drill down to data for that specific location. 

4.) Click on any items in the bottom left chart to drill down based on the TEU and shipments by port selections. 

5.) Clicking on the bar charts will drill down to information for that specific day. 

6.) Clicking on the TEUs and Shipments by carrier will drill down and filter the data with what’s specific to that carrier.

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