Global Supply Chain Pressure Index (GSCPI)

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What is it?
The Global Supply Chain Pressure Index (SONAR: GSCPI.GLBL) is a barometer that incorporates metrics throughout the supply chain to give an overview of the condition of the industry. The indicators are drawn from various segments of the supply chain, such as; cross-border transportation costs, changes in shipping rates, airfreight costs, manufacturing data, and more. There are altogether 27 variables that go into the GSCPI.

Who is Interested?
Anyone who wants to quickly get a comprehensive overview of the global supply chain in one index.

What does it tell me?
The GSCPI tells you what disruptions impact the global supply chain and where the most significant impacts are coming from.

Additional Note
The Federal Reserve publishes this data set. The nature of the monthly updates from the wide range of indices means that there can be delays in updates for the overall index, and release dates can be sporadic.