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You've joined a growing community of shippers, carriers, brokers, educational institutions, and financial organizations that taking advantage of the fastest and most comprehensive freight market data in the industry. With SONAR, you can know what’s happening in transportation as it’s happening, which means you can get ahead and get things done. Users have advanced insights into freight market trends, allowing them to better plan, price, communicate, and prepare for market volatility. This Knowledge Center is designed to help you navigate and understand the powerful tools and data sets available to you in SONAR. 
The next step in your SONAR journey is learning how to Navigate SONAR and Understand the Data to dig deeper. Ready to get started? You can set up 1:1 training sessions with our dedicated Customer Success team, join one of our weekly SONAR webinars, or search at your own pace through our Knowledge Center!

Ready to learn with a group? To learn the ins and outs of SONAR, we encourage you to jump in on one of our SONAR webinars hosted by our in-house product experts every week. Our webinar series cover the basics of everything SONAR has to offer, giving you the tools you need to succeed with SONAR.

Watch our on-demand SONAR 101 webinar. Topics will include: 

  • Getting started with SONAR
  • Navigating the platform
  • Customizing SONAR for your business

Watch our on-demand SONAR 201 webinar. Topics will include how to utilize some of our most popular indices:

  • Headhaul Index 
  • Outbound Tender Volumes  
  • Inbound Tender Volumes
  • Tender Rejection Rates 
  • Tender Lead Times

Watch our on-demand SONAR 301 webinar.  Topics may vary as our team of Market Experts helps you navigate SONAR.

Designed to provide SONAR users with dedicated access to some of the best subject matter experts in the freight industry, our Market Experts study freight trends, impacts, movement and data, and provide market insights and strategies exclusively for SONAR users.

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