Freightos Air Index (FAXHKG, FAXTKG, FAX)

Nick ChastainAir

What is it?

The Freightos Air Index measures the weekly spot price movements of air cargo in 191 airport to airport lanes. It is expressed as an average price per kilogram for two different shipment sizes or ‘weight breaks’: 100 kg to 300 kg and 300 kg to 1,000 kg. The Freightos Air Indexes are the most granular air cargo spot rates available. 

In addition to average weekly prices across 191 major air cargo airport-to-airport lanes, for example Frankfurt to JFK (FAXHKG.FRAJFK) we present region-to-region pricing, such as U.S. West Coast to China (FAXHKG.AMUSEASCH), as well as airport-to-region. 

Who is interested?

Anyone dealing with air cargo, or who wants to see how international air cargo rates signal changing freight market dynamics at major U.S. airport markets: Freight Forwarders, Carriers, Shippers, Brokers, Drayage providers.

What does it tell me?

The FBX weekly indices are very good indicators of the balance of air cargo volume and capacity flowing in the selected airport-to-airport lanes and regions. A lot of freight originates overseas and then disseminates into freight networks across the US. Seeing a major price increase from Europe to Chicago, for instance, is a good indicator that truckload demand in that market, especially for expedited freight, will grow soon.