Estimated Truck Drivers (DRVR)

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What is it?

DRVR is the daily estimated number of truck drivers on payroll employment in the U.S. economy. Using data on hours of service and fuel consumption, SONAR’s data scientists have calculated a daily measure of truck drivers. This daily measure ties to the annual measures for truck driver employment produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) across all industries. Data here is in thousands of individuals and is not seasonally adjusted

Who is interested?

Shippers, carriers, and analysts who want a more timely view of the number of truck drivers aside from the annual numbers from the BLS

What does it tell me?

The number of drivers serves as a signal for the amount of capacity that exists in the market. As employment of truck drivers rises, carriers have more available capacity to carry freight. Note that the DRVR numbers, since they tie to BLS figures, only include drivers that are on payrolls. Independent drivers are likely not counted here.

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