Estimated For Hire Trucking Employment (DRVRE)

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What is it?

DRVRE is a daily estimate produced by SONAR data scientists of the monthly employment figures for the truck transportation industry released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While DRVR measures employment in the truck driving occupation, DRVRE measures employment in the for-hire truck driving industry. The numbers here are in thousands and are non-seasonally adjusted

Who is interested?

Shippers, carriers, and analysts who want a more timely view of the employment in the trucking industry aside from the monthly numbers from the BLS

What does it tell me?

The DRVRE number gives a daily view of payroll employment in the trucking industry. Since this is an industry view and not an occupational view, this means that there are many jobs within DRVRE that are not actual truck drivers. The numbers here tie to the nonseasonally adjusted trucking employment number from the BLS, which is also in SONAR as EMPN.TRUK.

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