Drewry Air Freight Rates

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DAIR: Drewry Air Freight Rates 

What is it?

Drewry Air Freight Rates index for specific designated city pairs. Updated monthly.

Rates are expressed in US dollars per kilogram for general cargo, and include applicable surcharges for fuel and security. 

In SONAR Drewry Air Freight Rates are available for over 65 select major air cargo market pairs globally.  

DAIR.orgdst – where “org” is airport 3-letter origin, and “dst” is airport 3 letter destination


DAIR.JFKAMS – covers New York JFK to Amsterdam rates

Who is interested?

Anyone that ships or imports cargo by air 

What does it tell me?

It shows you the average air freight rate trend, including surcharges, in key markets by month, and is available going back to mid-2012.  It shows you the strength and/or weakness of various air cargo markets over time, and can be paired up against sea freight rate trends and volumes to get a comprehensive transport picture from select markets.

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