Create Custom Themes on your SONAR charts!

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Did you know? You can change the color of your charts in SONAR to match your favorite sports team. Want to display your company colors for presentations? Here’s how!

What can I do?

Within the SONAR charting widget, you have the ability to change the colors of the lines, background, grid lines and axis text! Maybe you have a favorite sports team and you’d like to recreate their colors on a SONAR chart? Let’s make it happen!

custom theme

How can I do it?

1. Click “Display” in the top right corner of your chart.

top corner arrow

2. Click “New Theme” at the bottom of the list.

new theme arrow

3. Click the colored box on any of the items you want to customize. 

color boxes new theme

4. Voila, you have a custom color chart! 

large font usa chart 2


5. To access your saved themes, click on “Display” again and you will see them under “Themes.” Simply click on the theme you want displayed and it will change for you.

 saved themes

Pro Tip: You can build as many themes as you would like. Sending a screenshot to one of your customers? Customize it for them! 

Not a SONAR customer but want to learn more about SONAR? Visit the SONAR website to learn more. Or click the button to the right to get a demo.

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