Comparing Charts

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A useful function of the Charts is the compare function. Users can view multiple indices over any given time period.

  1. Underneath the title of the graph, click the Compare button.
  2. Enter the desired symbol into the box.
  3. If desired, edit the color by clicking on the color box to the right of the box.
  4. Change the display if desired by clicking Display

There are three different ways to compare indices – Absolute, Relative and Dual.


Used when the Y-Axis value is the same on all indices. Starting points will not be made equal



Used if comparing multiple indices with different Y-Axis. The charts will start at the same point and the relative change will be displayed over the selected time period



Used if comparing two indices with different Y-Axis. The index range for the secondary index will appear on the left side of the chart, with the most recent value also displayed on the left side. This option can only be used with two indices.


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