Predictive Rates

FreightWaves Customer SuccessPredictive Rates

SONAR’s ground breaking Predictive Rate tool forecasts market rates for the route between any two locations. Using FreightWaves’ scientific data sources, SONAR aggregates estimated future rates for your selected route up to a year in advance and even calculates the low, high and median prices. The rates are representative of the spot market. Learn more about to use our Predictive … Read More

Correlation Matrix

FreightWaves Customer SuccessCorrelation Matrix

What is it? A grid that shows how strong a relationship is between multiple data sets.  Who is interested? Anyone looking to measure the strength of the relationship between two variables.  What does it tell me? The matrix tells you how well two indexes move together on a scale of -1 to 1. The closer the value is to -1 … Read More

3D Maps

FreightWaves Customer Success3D Map

What is it? Users have the ability to show color and height on the Maps by turning on the 3D Function.   Who is interested? Anyone looking to get a full picture of what is happening in the market.  What does it tell me? By having the ability to add two different indices onto one map, our users can get a … Read More

Adding a Map

FreightWaves Customer SuccessMap

With a map you can overlay insights and data. To add the map widget and/or overlay data: Click the + at the top right hand of your screen Click Map Once a map displays, select the data you want to overlay from the menu on the left side of the screen Set the date by clicking on the calendar icon … Read More

Adding a Video Widget

FreightWaves Customer SuccessVideo

To add the video widget: Click the + at the top right hand of your screen Click Video Browse or search videos (videos include: instructional, FreightWaves NOW and events)

Adding a Widget

FreightWaves Customer SuccessAdding a Widget

You can add a number of widgets to your page. To add a widget: Click the + icon at the top right hand of your screen to add a chart Select the widget you would like to add Follow the prompts on the screen The Widget options are: News Customize news based on content you want to see RSS News … Read More

Most Volatile Markets

FreightWaves Customer SuccessAnalytics

What is it? A calculated visual flag that signifies when specific markets/index combinations exceed a normalized volatility threshold. When the movement of the daily index is considered volatile, the market/index combination is color-coded as a ‘moderate’ or ‘significant’ change in value. Only the most significant index movements are flagged. Strong increases are color-coded as green, while strong decreases are color-coded … Read More

Selerity Flash News

FreightWaves Customer SuccessNews

The Selerity Flash News option gives users real-time transportation industry news. By linking up to social media outlets, hundreds of key individuals, executives, and organizations will regularly contribute to this news feed. To enable this feature, after selecting “News” from the Widget Menu, choose “Social Media Flash Content.”

Building a Chart

FreightWaves Customer SuccessCharts

To build a chart in SONAR: Add My Pages Click + in the top right corner Select Chart Click in “Enter Symbol” at the top left corner of the display window Browse or search for your desired data set (symbol or ticker) Select your desired data set

Types of Watchlists

FreightWaves Customer SuccessWatchlists

A Watchlist is a way to display data. You can select from the following types of watchlists Standard Watchlist Standard Watchlist – displays selected in terms of daily movement. Heat Map List Heat Map List – a color coded list that is shaded based on movements from the previous day. Green denotes a positive change. Red denotes a negative change. … Read More

Creating a Symbol List

FreightWaves Customer SuccessWatchlists

Creating a Symbol List is an easy way to track the data that’s most relevant to your role. Each individual user can create their own lists to help them easily access areas of SONAR that help track and trace the information they need. Every data set available in SONAR can be added to a Symbol List. To build your own … Read More

Comparing Charts

FreightWaves Customer SuccessCharts

A useful function of the Charts is the compare function. Users can view multiple indices over any given time period. Underneath the title of the graph, click the Compare button. Enter the desired symbol into the box. If desired, edit the color by clicking on the color box to the right of the box. Change the display if desired by … Read More

Draw Function

FreightWaves Customer SuccessCharts

These tools are used to highlight certain events and measure changes in the charts. For example, suppose you want to explain a drastic market movement by pointing out that it was leading up to the 4th of July. You could use the Callout function under the drop-down menu. Click on the pencil in the top right corner of the chart. … Read More

Navigating the Chart

FreightWaves Customer SuccessCharts

Charts tell users the direction that markets are trending and provide context to these movements. Each data set is different and has a different story to tell. By understanding how each of these data sets relate to each other, users will become experts in forecasting and getting ahead of pricing swings. Here is a quick overview of charts and how … Read More

Building a Watchlist

FreightWaves Customer SuccessWatchlists

You can customize a watchlist with the data that is more relevant to you. To build a watchlist: Click the + at the top right hand of your screen to add a chart Select the watchlist you prefer from the drop down Create a name for your list (Ex. Tender Rejects – Southeast) Click Manage Symbols Select your desired symbol … Read More

Manage Symbol Lists

FreightWaves Customer SuccessWatchlists

Users can customize any number of Symbol Lists to store the data that’s most relevant to their individual needs. For example, one symbol list may contain the OTRI on lanes from a preffered market and another might contain a variety of agriculture data, while another one might look at a variety of macro-economic indexes. These lists can then be used … Read More

Editing News Topics

FreightWaves Customer SuccessNews

SONAR offers an RSS news feed from a variety of sources. Users can select between 1 and 8 different categories of news to generate on their page. Select the “News” widget for your page Check the boxes of the categories that you want to see *Note that selecting 0 categories will generate the same feed as selecting all of the … Read More