FreightWaves TRAC (Trusted Rate Assessment Consortium) Spot Rates

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What is it? Average buy (to the carrier) rate derived from 3PL and freight brokerage reported by booked or covered date. TRAC contributors provide daily load data consisting of rate-information for hundreds of thousands of unique loads (i.e., different combinations of dates, modes, and zip3-lanes). More than a simple average, FreightWaves weights the values based on: Proximity to the specified … Read More

Lane Score Through MarcoPoint (Descartes)

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What is it? A score derived from electronic tender data that measures how easy a lane is to cover based on directional balance. Low Lane Scores are connected to higher prices, while high score lanes tend to be easier to cover with prices lower than the market average.  Who is interested?  Transportation Managers, Brokers,  Pricing Analysts, Shipper Procurement, Carrier Sales … Read More

Intermodal contract savings versus truckload (IMCSI)

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What is it? The percent difference between the domestic intermodal contract rate per mile (all-inclusive) and the truckload contract rate per mile (all-inclusive) on the same lane (i.e., same origin-destination pair). The Intermodal Savings Index tickers are derived from the SONAR contract rate data described here but with a key difference of these being calculated as all-in rates versus transportation … Read More

What is a SONAR Index

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A freight index is a calculation based on industry data. SONAR freight indices collect data from all trading parties. That includes carriers, shippers, forwarders and brokers. Analysis of that data creates a benchmarking standard.  In turn, that allows companies to analyze strategic positioning, monitor market conditions and make decisions based on forecasted data. That process, the lifecycle of tactical freight … Read More

Lane Signal

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What is Lane Signal?  Lane Signal is your day to day app within SONAR to help you make real-time decisions.  The Lane Signal dashboard shows current freight market rates, alongside historic and predictive freight rates for up to 12 months. What makes our data different? Our proprietary methods combine historical carrier rate data and tender transactions. Tenders are based on … Read More