Foreign Exchange (FX)

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FX What is it? Foreign Exchange (FX) rate data for 151 countries throughout the world. FX data is viewable in Watchlists and a Chart. The rates are quoted as a ratio in both US Dollars to the Local Country Currency (LCC)  and LCC to US Dollars. The SONAR Granularity is “Currency” and the ticker symbol structure is “FX.USDLCC” and “FX.LCCUSD”. … Read More

Maritime Dashboard

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Monitor vessel traffic, ocean container pricing, import volumes, and international containerized rail volumes all in one place.  Keep track of U.S. port volumes for imports and also monitor port import market share to catch any short-term and long-term trends.  Visualize key lanes for international containerized rail volumes to identify key inland markets for both U.S. imports and exports

Railroad Dashboard

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The basics such as weekly carload and intermodal unit traffic by commodity, weekly operating metrics including speed and terminal dwell, published tariff rates and railroad cost indices Differentiated  look at rail equipment with railcar lease rates by car type and railcar storage prices Proprietary intermodal volume and spot rate data by lane, city, container size and loaded/empty

Air Cargo Weekly Metrics

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Provides high level air cargo capacity trend weekly and forward outlook for top 6 U.S. gateway airports Aids planning and pricing with unique visibility into airport truck wait times nationally with weekly updates Tracks weekly pricing trends in three critical benchmark air cargo markets into the U.S. that indicate overall strength of air cargo demand and pricing

Energy Data

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Crude is the starting point for determining the ultimate price of products, – the West Texas Intermediate (WTI.USA) and Brent (Brent.USA) are the most important benchmarks. Diesel costs are the second highest expense for a trucking company (behind wages) and account for around 24% of operations costs SONAR includes wholesale/rack (ULSDR.USA), truckstop retail (DTS.USA) and fuel surcharge prices (DOE.USA)

Macro Economic Data

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The macro economy is vast, so is our database. All major economic data points are in one place You can compare your segments that impact to you to proprietary SONAR data to get a jump on monthly data releases Insights for both industrial and consumer facing segments

TCA Benchmarking

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Gives you metrics from the Best Practices Group to compare your company to 17 benchmarking tickers

Reefer Capacity

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Built specifically for a Reefer Load Shipper (see Green dots for locations)  This is giving a quick view of current Reefer Capacity pressures in the shipper specific markets.  A quick first view of the day market condition dashboard to help identify if you have issues or not, plus road conditions.

Predictive Rates

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Gives you current and forecasted rates along with the market pressures in the Origin and Destination Markets. Also, shows daily retail cost ULSD/gallon in all markets along route.  Allows you to make quick decisions in rate negotiations

Region Specific Capacity Constraint

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Gives you quick daily analysis of capacity pressure and trending in specific markets Provides visibility on pricing pressures and service issues Users can change the geographic markets in this dashboard to their own preferences